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With Momsi, new moms get quick help for emergencies in-app or IRL, find like-minded local moms for meetups and play dates, and access a mom-to-mom marketplace with vetted products & services.

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What we do

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Let's demystify

Torn between your needs and those of your baby. Feeling guilty for wanting some time on your own. There are so many things going on in a new mom's life and it's easy to feel helpless. But trust us, no one really has it!

Meet Momsi - where moms have your back from day one

At Momsi, we're creating a safe space where you can show your vulnerability.
Be your normal: rant, vent, cry, share moments of joy, laugh, make friends, ask for help, and lift your spirit.

On but especially Off-screen!

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Create your own fully-personalized village

Find mom friends based on your location, with kids the similar age, who understand your struggles. Celebrate tiny victories, uplift each other, and come together in unity as you all have one thing in common: being a mom.

Meet like-minded local moms with kids the
same age

Get out of your bubble and connect with other moms nearby. Organize playdates and meet-ups and allow yourself to become social again.

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Put out fires and find quick help for emergencies in real life situations

When there's no one around, find other moms nearby that can: help you in case of emergency, answer an urgent question, assist you when you have a pressing feeling - the moms have your back whenever you need it.

Talk about your mom struggles anonymously

Express yourself freely about sensitive topics that you can’t discuss elsewhere, without the fear of being judged. Share things you can’t normally share on your regular social media.

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Get access to a mom-to-mom marketplace

Buy, sell, swap baby products or items you no longer need; rest assured that your much-loved baby items will be reused with the same care by other mommas.

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What people say about us

Fidelity is a CMS Webflow template

"Congrats on the app! For a beta version, it’s well developed and user-friendly.

Roxana Popescu

“Very useful app, I’ve already found a lot of interesting posts! Already recommended it to other mom friends. Good job!”

Vera Urlateanu

“Super friendly navigation - I was invited to the app, sent invites to other friends, added moms to my village. It’s very easy to use. I really like the fact that there are different post categories and that you can post anonymously. I also like the option to see who’s around, in your neighborhood. Haven’t encountered any errors so far! Congrats!”

Oana Jindiceanu

“How nice! It’s a real help for first-time parents!”

Bianca Pavel

What we believe in

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Data privacy

We're vehement about data privacy. Your data stays your data. We don't share it with 3rd parties. No ads.

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Use it only when you need it

Apps and digital products are meant to make our lives easier, not being the center of one's life. Momsi is there when you need it, and waits for you when you don't.

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No unhealthy addictions

Your wellbeing is our priority. Unlike other social apps, Momsi is not designed to keep you trapped and create unhealthy addictions.

Download Momsi and create yor own village!