We're on a mission to transform how we relate to motherhood. Where now is unexplored, we want to create a path of safe and open conversation.

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The story of Momsi

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(It took a dad to tell this story)


What we do

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It all started back in 2019  when I became a dad.

I was there the moment our baby daughter was born and almost fainted in the delivery room. As a stay-at-home dad, I experienced firsthand the pains, anxieties, and isolation moms feel soon after the baby comes into the world, unlike most fathers who sadly and usually have to return to work soon after. I was lucky enough to be there for them every step of the way. It was both hard and beautiful.

I then realized that a mom’s job is the hardest job in the whole wide world.

I was immediately exposed to all the struggles new moms experience as my wife has MS (multiple sclerosis). This was one of the reasons I chose to become a stay-at-home dad. Three months after giving birth, my wife had to undergo treatment for her condition and she couldn’t breastfeed anymore. She was also reluctant to give our baby daughter formula, so we found ourselves in quite an impossible situation. Luckily, we met a mom neighbor who was open to sharing some of her stored breast milk with us.
The AHA moment that led to Momsi

That’s when it hit me: What are new moms supposed to do when they have an emergency and no one’s around to lend a helping hand? This was the AHA moment that led to Momsi - the solution they turn to when in need, no matter the need: a sensitive topic they need to get off their chest, finding other moms they can socialize or organize play dates with, and even having the possibility to buy or sell mom and baby items. The isolation you feel as a new mom is real and very painful. So is the lack of a support group focused on real-life interactions.
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Ionut Turlea - Founder & CEO

We did tons of research to discover the main difficulties moms face

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Isolation and lack of support

With the arrival of their baby, moms usually face a period of isolation, trying to accommodate themselves to their new life. Most of them lack a reliable support system, not being able to rely on the help and support of family, friends, or other moms.

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The mom-perfection ideal, society’s pressure on good parenting with not enough talk about parents’ actual needs, and the overall expectations to always perform at a high level as a woman, mom, and professional - all lead to moms having a hard time acknowledging that they’re good enough.

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Social media pressure

Current social products keep moms trapped in apps and create unhealthy addictions and fears. It often ends up being a rabbit hole where you waste enormous amounts of time. On top of that, moms often find themselves being judged and criticized when speaking their minds.

And we got ourselves hard at work on a
mission to tackle them head-on!

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Safe to talk sensitive topics

Openly or anonymously - in a women-only community

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Transparent social environment

As opposed to today's display of perfection on social media

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Meet local moms

Create the support village necessary for your wellbeing

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Organize Meetups

We find all sort of excuses to come together - online or offline

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Solve real-life emergencies

Highlight your requests to get immediate help

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No engaging traps

Give your attention to what matters most

Meet the People at Momsi

Ionut Turlea
Founder & CEO

Ionut is The Catalyst. He is The Energy: juggling nine balls of fire in the air, while on the phone with investors, talking with devs or potty training his little daughter. And of course, he never really dropped one! Also, his roommate was Elon Musk.

Traits: resilient, problem solver, great at spotting opportunities, easygoing

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Irina Ianculescu
Marketing and Growth

Being childfree, Irina is the best functioning brain in our team. She nags us about deadlines and doesn't let any detail pass by unchecked (between us, she is the real CEO 😁). When she'll be a mom, she’ll bloody rock it!

Traits: methodical, results-oriented, witty, energizing, curious

Andreea Nesu
UX Design

Andreea is a single mom, living abroad and in the middle of a career switch. Really, who better than her to understand so many other moms out there? We know how much she wants Momsi to succed and become the voice and the support for the moms who need it. You go, Andreea! 

Traits: creative spirit, playful, eye for beauty, empathetic, positive

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Fidelity is a CMS Webflow template